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The Art Of The Slightly Disturbing

So we finally released our new single. I took upon myself the task of creating a video, a new experience for me.

Entering can be an intense experience. As we had scant little video material of ourselves, I wanted to create a more general piece and try to convey the general mood of the music.

We went for something vaguely disturbing. We cloak the facade, and thus expose it as just that; a facade. To find meaning we have to dig deeper.

In Blender i made an ocean waves animation that i used as an overlay on a movie from the Prelinger Archives and some stock static noise footage. The movie was never meant to be the focus, it was made as vague as possible to underscore the general mood of the music.

The result can be seen above.

You are welcome to let us know what you think about the music or the video.



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